Digital Media Design & Development

Jeff Fabre /FA-bré/ is a media producer based in Minneapolis.
Intuitively blending technology with creativity. Producing superior video and photography, design and web development. Developing strategies and content for marketing, promotions and public relations. Unlocking  the power of simplicity to realize the complex.
Making people, places, and things famous.

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Unsettled moments always leave their mark on the art world, and today’s environment will affect tastes and trends in editorial illustration, stock imagery, and beyond, says Brenda Milis, Principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends at Adobe: “We’re living in a time when there’s so much
uncertainty, so much is in flux. Many people are becoming politically active, but there’s also a type of creativity that envisions escape.” [I’m] seeing idealized, alternate worlds—they’re lush, tropical, almost utopic. There’s a reverence for the natural world, but with an intensity, an almost psychedelic twist. These artists are asking us to consider what is beautiful, and what is alive.”

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